Youth and Kids Dance Lessons

Social Benefits

    EuroRhythm Dance Social Benifits
  1. Improves communication skills
  2. Improves self confidence
  3. Teaches courtesy and consideration of others

Many youth sports nurture only the physical needs of young people, while other programs address only the academic. However, Ballroom dance instruction provides, exercise, intellectual stimulation and teaches important social skills.

Physical Benefits

  1. Provides great exercise
  2. Increases energy and improves health
  3. EuroRhythm Physical Benifits from Dance
  4. Improves coordination

Dancesport, or competitive ballroom dancing, is as physically demanding as soccer, swimming, or running. It teaches coordination, increases stamina and promotes a healthy body image. While some traditional dance instruction requires that students fit a particular body type, ballroom dancers come in all shapes and sizes. Our classes create healthy bodies and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Emotional & Cognitive Benefits

  1. Reduces stress and anxiety
  2. EuroRhythm Emotional/Cognitive Benefits
  3. Increases self esteem
  4. Increases attentiveness
  5. Improves creativity in problem solving

Ballroom dance is also intellectually demanding. With 4 styles encompassing 19 dances, mastery can take a lifetime. Each dance has a complex list of required step and each step has 75 years technique behind it. We require students to study the material provided to prepare for their classes.