Meet Our Dance Instructors

Damir and Nina Karaman

Damir and Nina dancing in October of 1994, while the war in Bosnia was raging full force and Damir was required to be an active participant in the Bosnian army. Because private homes did not have any electricity, Damir and Nina trained at Damir’s military base between military obligations.

Even under such difficult conditions, their hard work produced results. After six months of training, they achieved 1st place at the National Championship held in Zenica on May 20th, 1995. In order to participate in this competition, Nina and Damir got out of Sarajevo, which was under siege at that time, and walked for 24 hours crossing a mountain at night and risking their lives by being under constant fire from surrounding artillery. It was on the following day that they danced and won their 1st National Championship.

From that day until the present, they have been the National Champions six years in a row and have also won all National competitions in the past six years. They have shown their strong dedication and perseverance in international competitions as well. Despite their disadvantageous circumstances, (during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dance Sport made huge leaps forward throughout the rest of the World and Europe), they continue to gain admirable achievements and their dance career continues to move forward in a positive direction.

For their exceptional contributions to the development of dance sport in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nina and Damir received the highest award from Dance Sport Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Golden Statue.

Elijah Armstead

Elijah is our newest team member! Bio coming soon.

Tudor Alexander

Tudor Alexander has been dancing since 2003 and teaching since 2005. He started dancing at Arizona State University initially for recreation and to meet members of the opposite sex, but it soon turned into a passion as he joined the university’s performance and competition team. With a partner, he began competing and doing performances of all kinds. One door lead to another and Tudor eventually became a professional instructor and competitor. He began working at EuroRhythm in September of 2011. Tudor has been on local news stations, commercials, and the Dancing With the Stars the Tour as a guest performer. He specializes in the Latin dances, and loves to work with people of all ages.

Sonya Petkova

Sonya is our newest team member! Bio coming soon.