Eurorhythm Team

EuroRhythm Dance Studio is home to an awesome team that is committed to giving you a high quality experience every time you walk through the door. Our team of talented professionals are both accomplished as well as down to earth and not afraid to have fun! Between our staff we have acquired 4 World Championship Titles, 1 British Open Title and more than 40 National Titles, and our instructors are masterful in all partnership dances from competitive ballroom and Latin to salsa, zouk, country and other social dances. Whether you have dreams of being in the spotlight or competing at a national event, prepare an amazing wedding dance or just simply cut a rug at the local club – we are excited to get to know your story and help you get there!

Here are a few fun facts about our staff:

Damir and Nina Karaman

Damir and his wife, Nina, are the founders and owners of EuroRhythm. Damir is a self-proclaimed total nerd and loves history and quantum physics. He would rather read a book than go out to a restaurant and his all-time favorite show is Cheers. He used to play the guitar and sing in a band in elementary and high school. He also loves to follow basketball. Nina is freakishly afraid of cats, especially the little cute ones from the postcards..


Elijah grew up in a small town in Alaska called North Pole, where every street light looked like a candy cane and the main road was Santa Clause Lane (no joke).


Beside dancing, Tjasa loves other sports like tennis, skiing and windsurfing. She is also very artistic and loves to draw, and was quite the tomboy as a kid.