Success Stories

“Dancing and the relationships I’ve built at Eurorhythm have truly changed my life in ways I could not have imagined. I thought my life was pretty fulfilled before I began dancing. I have a wonderful career as a professor and business consultant, a supportive family, and wonderful friends, but only now do I understand what was missing. Dancing has infused a passion within me that I didn’t know existed. It has made me feel more free, confident, feminine, and open to whatever life brings. It’s even enhanced my career! When I come to EuroRhythm, I can truly escape into a world of creativity and flow. I feel so fortunate to learn the craft of dancing from some of the best dancers and teachers in the world. They have been instrumental in helping me to achieve wonderful results in terms of the competitions I’ve entered. Even more importantly, however, those same teachers are my friends. They care about each and every person who walks through their door. If you come to Eurorhythm, be assured that you’ll find something more than you expected—- if you’re ready for it.”

Suzanne Peterson PHD – Business Professor, World pro-am Latin finalist & US National Latin Vice